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Kool A.D.- 51

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Victor Vasquez, better known as Kool A.D., is best known as a member of the New York hip hop outfit Das Racist. Along with Himanshu and Dapwell, Das Racist has made a sizeable splash in the indie music world over the past couple of years. One thing about Das Racist's members is that they love to give out free material. 51 is Kool's second free mixtape, following January's Palm Wine Drunkard. Fans of Kool's verses and flow will feel right at home with 51.

Bizarre beats--mostly provided by producer Amaze88--are accompanied by Kool's laid-back rap style. The mixtape is consistent, but fittingly, it peaks when his Das Racist counterpart Himanshu shows up on the track "A Different World." It's certainly worth the free download.