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Kreator- "Phantom Antichrist"

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Thrash metal has a surprisingly large amount of its older acts still alive and kicking. Overkill just released a new album, and it wasn't too long ago that Megadeth has a new release, too. Plus, there's always the rest of the "Big Four" to take account of.

Between all the older bands still doing their thing and newer acts like Havok, Toxic Holocaust, and Vektor bringing the style to a new generation, Thrash isn't going anywhere for a while.

Kreator is one of these more "classic" acts I just mentioned. Not only are they one of the most important thrash bands to ever come out of Germany, but their early work represented some of the most tough-as-nails stuff to come out of the genre in the 80s. Like Slayer, they're not stranger to sacrilege, and the title of this new single is proof of it: "Phantom Antichrist."

Mille Petrozza's still have it. Lots of ferocity. Ragged and raw! The riffs are pretty pummeling, the double bass drums roll with some excellent precision, and the hook has a very theatrical, Iron Maiden-esque quality to it.

Stream the track above, and look for this album on June 1st on Nuclear Blast.