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M|O|D- "MoreLoko" & "Koola"

New MusicNicholas KindrachukComment

Members Trap Arnold and Rewrote of the trippy, electronic group M|O|D dropped some singles on SoundCloud recently. "MoreLoko" using some really squeaky sounding synthesizers and a boom-bap beat, it is definitely styled like a hip-hop instrumental. That being said it is still a stimulating track with a good use of layering on top off an already compelling beat. "Koola" is unique from the other song, it is more of a dance electronic track with club styled synthesizers and some really deep wobbling bass. The track builds into a swirling synthesizers that almost begin to sound like a chip-tune composition without the 8-bit aesthetic. These two tracks provide a good look at the kind of music these guys are making and the sheer variety they are capable of providing.