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Purity Ring- "Obedear"

New MusicDannySpitsComment

After a series of promising singles, one of which made an appearance on last year's favorite singles list, electronic pop duo Purity Ring have announced their debut album. The LP, which will be titled Shrines, is slated for a July 24 release via 4AD and Last Gang. It will include the three tracks we've heard so far, as well as this new song, "Obedear." The track doesn't stray from the group's signature formula that combines ghost-like synths, snappy 808 drums, and light, effected female vocals, but that's not to say that the song doesn't feel fresh. Individually, the ideas with which Purity Ring plays aren't particularly novel, but they truly have a knack for combining these components together in a unique way. The original sound that results works to the group's advantage, and with catchy songwriting at their disposal, they have yet to go wrong.

Give the track a listen above.