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Squarepusher- "Dark Steering" (Loved)

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Producer Tom Jenkinson, a.k.a. Squarepusher, has just released a full track and music video from his forthcoming album, Ufabulum, which will be out in May on Warp. While Tom's attempt at leading a full band in 2010 left a little to be desired, I'm liking where this new track is headed.

This guy's primarily known for his work over the years in drum and bass, jazz fusion, and acid techno; however, "Dark Steering," show's he's not beyond evolution or influence. I mean to say this old dog is learning new tricks, incorporating elements of not only dubstep but some of Daft Punk's best musical concepts, too.

There's a hyperactive climax toward the end of the track that reminds me of the Squarepusher I used to know, but this is definitely a new era in Jenkinson's music.