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St. Vincent- "Krokodil" (Loved)

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The a-side to St. Vincent's new, non-album Record Store day 7", and it's a blood pumper. Between Annie Clark's ferocious screams and the heavily distorted guitars, St. Vincent takes no prisoners on this one; reminding me of some of Kim Gordon's more aggressive moments in the Sonic Youth discography.

There's a really twisted chorus effect on Clark's voice that makes her vocal delivery breach the threshold of insanity. Really short, solid, and punked out track.

Considering the nature of the song, I'm not surprised the song didn't make it onto Strange Mercy--assuming the track was around during the time of that recording. Nah, this track is too tough to share space on the side of a record with another song. It doesn't play well with others. I'm sure of that.