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Torche- "Reverse Inverted"

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Although it's probably safe to say that sludge metal quartet Torche has been heading in a progressively more pop-inflected direction throughout the past few years, that's not to say that they have sacrificed ambition as a result. On "Reverse Inverted," the second track to drop from the band's upcoming LP, the band proves this by combining frontman Steve Brooks' catchy vocal approach with riffs that experiment with unconventional time signatures. One of the track's strongest moments comes with the closing riff, which sees the band lock into a relentlessly engaging groove, then introduce a particularly euphoric guitar melody that carries the song to a close.

You heard "Kicking," and now we have "Reverse Inverted," which you can hear above. Look forward to an April 24 release date for Torche's third album, Harmonicraft, via Volcom.