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Animal Collective- "Honeycomb" (LOVED) & "Gotham"

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Stream: Animal Collective- "Honeycomb" / Animal Collective- "Gotham" Animal Collective drops a new single, streaming the a- and b-sides for all to enjoy--or not enjoy if this isn't your thing.

The New York experimental outfit's two new tracks, for me, were a fun listen. "Honeycomb" takes me back to a pre-Merriweather Post Pavilion area in the band's career when things felt a bit more chaotic and rough around the edges. When it comes to making experimental pop, these guys really are a group of Willy Wonka-rivaling mad men, and this track proves it. The sound palette is so unique. There are sounds of all shapes and sizes popping up in every direction. It's a bit overwhelming, but the final result is catchy and upbeat, making the struggle to make sense of what's going on fun and playful.

By contrast, "Gotham" is much more calm, and a total ballad. It's a forlorn, psychedelic waltz obscured with effects. While it's not as thrilling as "Honeycomb," it does successfully strike a much more emotional chord.

These two tracks are downloadable here, and the 7" they come from should be out in physical form via Domino on June 26th.