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Azealia Banks- "Jumanji"

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Though the excitement over tracks like "212" and "L8R," I've remained pretty luke warm on rap senstation Azealia Banks. But the closer we come to the release of her new 1991 EP, the more I realize she's got a great ear for beats. Early, early this year, she was doing her thing over a new Machinedrum track, and now she's tearing it up over a bright and kooky instrumental conjured by Hudson Mohawke and Nick Hook with "Jumanji."

And she's definitely laying a tough attitude on with this one. Her flow on this track is pretty far removed from the light, comedic, and girly vocal delivery she displayed on early tracks like "212." Progression? Dynamics? Variety? Well, we'll see once 1991 is dropped. Word around town is Azealia Banks has a new mixtape on the way this summer as well, and, of course, her full-length debut album will be getting a release in the fall.