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Father John Misty- "This is Sally Hatchet"

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As many of you may know, Josh Tillman, a.k.a. the former drummer of Fleet Foxes, released his debut album, Fear Fun, a couple of weeks ago via Sub Pop Records. The album features this track, "This is Sally Hatchet," which now has a video that you can watch above.

The clip depicts Tillman as an employee of am eerie pizza place, where he is intruded upon by a firearm-wielding femme fatale. The woman proceeds to display her chops at a target practice, and somewhere along the way, Tillman's hand suffers a serious wound by way of a pizza slicer that was used to cut a pie into a pentagram. Bonus: despite the twisted nature of the video, there is some dancing evolved, so it's not all dark. Confused? Just watch it yourself.