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Foxygen- "Make It Known" (Loved)

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Here is a track from Jagjaguwar's latest signing, Foxygen. They're a songwriting duo consisting of Sam France and Jonathan Rado. First track, first listen, it was love. It was love, guys! But I have to admit I'm sure that has a bit to do with how familiar the territory these guys are trudging in is to me.

Foxygen may be young, but they've got old souls, embracing the artsy rock and pop sensibilities of the Velvet Underground while simultaneously bringing the gusto of old school Rolling Stones. Oh, yeah, and the impressive, varied instrumentation and production of a great Kinks record like Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround (Part One). While Foxygen's style has been done time and time again, they're undeniably eccentric and creative with it. It's to the point where they really manage to leave their own mark.

The opening muddy guitar and wailing synth on "Make It Known" give way to some pretty dramatic vocals. It's a nice start to the track, but then Sam France's voice reaches down deep and starts delivering these passionate, Jagger-esque vocals that I can't help but fall for.

Things get weirder with strange vocal noises, some "ooh la la" chorus vocals, and some swelling horns. The track manages to change gears quickly around 1:20 mark, and becomes a straight up rocker complete with strangely mixed hand claps. Some saloon-style piano interjects into the middle of the track and brings the song into its third phase. Screams of "TALK TALK TALK" make things feel pretty liberating and exciting.

A large, church-sized chorus appears almost out of nowhere, and just shines gloriously. A big, horn-kissed, and jazzy finish brings the track to a close, giving the track a feel of a stage show or Broadway performance. Every musical transition feels like a costume change or an attention-demanding plot-twist.

Wow! Just wow. These guys not only have penned a tune thats as memorable as it is varied, but the production on here goes above and beyond. Way beyond. It has a vintage, messy feel; however, it's also incredibly detailed. Almost too detailed for words. I could listen, listen, and listen again, still picking up new sonic nuggets.

Scope the cover art to this forthcoming EP, Take the Kids Off Broadway, below. Look for it on July 24th.