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Krispy Kreme- "Best Friends"

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A video from the increasingly popular parody rapper Krispy Kreme. Yeah, there's been a lotta joke rap in the past, but what makes Krispy Kreme so interesting is that he blurs the lines between making legitimate modern hip hop and and a straight up joke. I'm not sure what that says about modern hip hop, or contemporary humor, but a lot of what Krispy says in his rhymes isn't too far from what a "serious" rapper would try to put across, but because it's being rapped by a short white guy with snot running out of his nose, it's funny. Furthermore, the production on Krispy's three songs so far have been pretty decent, too, sounding nowhere near as kooky as the image the videos attached to them put forth.

On this new track, "Best Friends," Krispy may be putting out his most joke-less track thus far. Instead of spitting lines about riding the Fireball, we're getting a story about one friend saving the life of another. I'm not sure if it's not trying to be funny, but that sort of seems to be the confusing dynamic of Krispy Kreme. While, yes, it is ridiculous, there's an obvious effort being made to create an honest character here who has legitimate emotions. You can't always expect him to punch anaconda snakes. Sometimes, he's gotta get his hands dirty and be there for a friend.