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Lower- "Craver" / "Escape"

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While music's tendency to reuse and recontextualize elements from the past prevents any genre from truly dying, the post-punk revivalism coming out of Scandinavia in the last few years could impress even the most cynical post-punk fan. Alongside compatriots like Iceage and War, Denmark's Lower deliver a brand of raw, combative post-punk with elements of hardcore and noise rock for additional spice. This three-part formula is executed flawlessly on the "Craver," first track of Lower's new EP entitled Walk on Heads.

The tracks begins with two unaccompanied drum beats foreboding the aural assault to come. It doesn't take long for the brooding bassline, screeching guitar feedback, and impassioned vocals to enter. With all the necessary parts present, the track forms a sonic tank, mercilessly flattening the listener.

You can stream the two song EP on Lower's Bandcamp and be on the lookout for any material from this talented rising band in the future.