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Mothlite- "Something In the Sky"

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"Something In the Sky" is a track from the forthcoming Guapo album, Dark Age, which is a project spearheaded by composer and multi-instrumentalist Daniel O'Sullivan. I'm most familiar with his work with Guapo and Sunn O))), but I know he's been involved with the last few Ulver albums as well.

I'm also familiar with the previous album O'Sullivan dropped under the Mothlite name, the Flax of Reverie, which is a dark, avant chamber music record with a really moody personality. "Something In the Sky" feels like O'Sullivan is changing direction, and it's no surprise considering it's been about four years since a Mothlite album has been released. With its repetitive piano riff and energetic chorus vocals, this track is a noticeably more rockin'--for lack of a better word--than what I've come to expect from this project.

I wouldn't exactly call the mood "light," though. Rather, the gloomy arranged instrumentation, vocals, and outlandish imagery in this video give off a somewhat unsettling feeling. Get more info on this forthcoming Mothlite album here.