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Ondatrópica- "Punkero Sonidero" (LOVED)

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Soundway Records is my go-to label when it comes to the most pristine cuts from lost trends in music from around the world. If you're looking for some rare afro-funk compilations circa 1970, then they're your first destination, believe. However, the track streaming above is a rare instance in which these guys are releasing something new.

"Punkero Sonidero" is the latest single from Ondatrópica, and it's a raw, upbeat piece of astro cumbia that I'm completely smitten with. Not only does the track bring the nimble horns and accordion that one would expect from this style of music, but there's synthesized bass really propelling the tempo into a four-to-the-floor groove--not to mention the strange, futurist sounds coming from the echoing synth arpeggios, psychedelic swirls of sound, and weird guitar leads.

It's a track that maintains the energy and groove of the past, but is boldly unafraid to try new things. Look for this 7" single on June 25th.