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Open Mike Eagle- "Your Back Pack Past" ft. Has Lo (prod. Awkward)

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Rapper, singer, and hip hop eccentric Open Mike Eagle has a new album on the way titled 4NML HSPTL. Look for it on June 26th via Fake Four Records.

Right now, I can say without question that Open Mike is one of the most clever MCs out there right now. One doesn't need to look much further than the titles of his last two albums--Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes and Unapologetic Art Rap--to figure that out. On this premiered (uh, well, it was supposed to be, lol) track we're spinning from his forthcoming LP, Mike is on his way to being the sharpest knife in the drawer with a hilarious, musical op-ed on the trendy transitions the hip hop image has made over the past several years.

Mike offers his advice, beckoning for listening MCs to give him their dirty Lugz. He even recommends that backpack rappers start trap rappin'. Yeah, of course it's all tongue-in-cheek, but Mike is right on a few points: Things ain't what they used to be, and all of these new changes are just window dressing.

Has-Lo comes in for a verse, matching Mike's theme with lyrics like "I done grown out of Gang Starr and Wu-tang, all the girls here only like Gucci Mane." I better end this blurb now, though. I wouldn't want this to turn into one of those "think pieces all about context."

In short, this is a sweet piece of hip hop satire that's not only catchy, but worth a few laughs, too.