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Perfume Genius- "Rusty Chains"

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Hot on the heels of its second album, the loved Put Your Back N 2 It, Mike Hadreas's Perfume Genius project has released another song. The track, which is titled "Rusty Chains," was previously made available as a bonus on the iTunes version of that sophomore LP, but it is now being given away as a free download.

Sonically, "Rusty Chains" travels down a similar path as the songs on Put Your Back N 2 It. Backed by instrumentation comprised mainly of emotive piano chords and slowly paced drums, Hadreas' heart-wrenched vocal delivery drives the song in an attention-grabbing manner similar to that of his recent output. The two share lyrical similarities as well; according to Hadreas, the song is "for a man whose lover has died. He remembers a time, before his partner took sick, where everything felt safe and endless. He asks to be taken next, so they can be together again." Although no tracks on Put Your Back N 2 It touched on this exact topic, the themes of love, heartbreak, relationship issues, and emotional pain that this song addresses were all represented on the LP.

Grab a free download of the track above.