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Romare- "I Wanna Go (Turn Back)"

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A couple of months ago, electronic producer Romare released an EP titled Meditations on Afrocentrism. Over the course of its five tracks, the EP blended thumping house beats with various African samples, which ranged from tribal chants to clips of speeches and spoken word. One of the release's highlights, "I Wanna Go (Turn Back)," was recently given visuals to accompany it.

The video features a series of clips mostly depicting African culture choppily edited to correspond with the audio. The two work with each other exceptionally well; each of many of the song's prominent sounds are matched by a visual that looks as if it could be the source of the sound, and the frantic edits reflect the nature of the drums' hyperactive footwork rhythms quite nicely.

Watch the video above, and snag Meditations on Afrocentrism via Black Acre Records.