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SBTRKT- "Gamelena"

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UK music producer SBTRKT spontaneously shares some new sounds as he's getting back into the studio to get some new material together. This guy came out with one of my favorite albums of last year, so, of course, I'm excited to hear what he'll come up with next. I'm also curious as to how his production will hold up if he incorporates less vocal features on his forthcoming release, because it can't be denied that vocalists like Sampha helped make SBTRKT's debut LP what it is. In a big way.

If "Gamelena" is a taste of what's to come, maybe there's nothing to worry about. The track is funky, but tastefully detailed, too. The bassy rhythm is matched with some pretty awesome reversed hi-hats. There are some ominous, swirling, metallic tones hanging in the background that I really love, too. Danceable, psychedelic, and textured. Nice!