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Serengeti- "OG Flat Pop"

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The more I listen to tracks from Serengeti's Kenny Dennis EP, the more convinced I am this guy is essentially the Tony Cliffton of hip hop. Serengeti's alternate personality is snarky, and lives to get on the nerves of the unsuspecting. Whether he's calling out Shaq or straight up referencing the movie Teen Witch in the hook on "Top That," Serengeti can be pretty hilarious if you can let go of your inhibitions and reach for the joke.

The track "OG Flat Pop" features a tangled flow that sounds more like the directionless ramblings of a mentally disturbed madman. Things get even more insane as Serengeti's vocal takes layer over one another, slow down, speed up, and grow with reverb. The Odd Nosdam production keeps things feeling tight, though.

You can find Serengeti's Kenny Dennis EP right now on Anticon.