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Stumbleine- Ghosting

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Bristol producer Stumbleine is gearing up to release a compilation titled Ghosting, which will feature tracks from three EPs he's created over the past two years. The blue 12" is set for release via Hija De Colombia on the 22nd of June, and it's streamable via the widget above right now.

What Stumbleine creates is essentially beatmusic that takes a lot away from the worlds of insturmental hip hop, R&B, chillwave, and shoegaze music as well. I'd compare it to Clams Casino's productions, sure, but I'm finding these Ghosting tracks to be much more fleshed out, progressing toward an eventual climax and showcasing a clear structure. What I mean to say is these tracks don't really invite the idea of an MC. Their cascading pianos, post-rock-esque builds, and sampled vocals are quite enough to inspire the soul.