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TNGHT (Huson Mohawke and Lunice)- "Bugg'n" (LOVED)

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A stellar track from one of my favorite beat producers, Hudson Mohawke. Well, to be fair, it's not just from him. Actually, this track comes from a new collaboration he's a part of. A duo!

If you guys watch my reviews regularly, you may remember Hudson Mohawke's Satin Panthers. The Glasgow producer's 2011 EP was one of my favorites of that year. It's just loaded with kooky, colorful bangers.

Montreal producer Lunice, unfortunately, I am less familiar with, but he's cut from a cloth similar to HudMo, indulging in the production of experimental hip hop instrumentals that blend too many genres to name in a seamless display of impressive production chops.

Together, these guys are billed as TNGHT, and the first single to drop from this forthcoming Warp Records-released EP is "Bugg'n." All I have to say is "damn"! This is a jam. The heavy bass hits on this track must, I repeat, must be listened to on some nice large speakers.

The groove is heavy and spacious. It's the kinda thing I could see Lil Jon hopping in on to say "SNAP YO FAYNGUZ!" While the track does have a modern hip hop--and almost Southern in its trap-style hi-hats--influence, Hud and Lunice really turn this track out with strange synth textures that are sonically akin to laser guns and metal pipes. The occasional baby-making-a-cute-sound sample pops in, too--you know, to help out the drop.

The track is fun as it is experimental, proving one doesn't need to sacrifice a good time at the hand of adventure.

Look for this forthcoming, five-track TNGHT EP on July 24th.