The Needle Drop

Dirty Projectors- "Gun Has No Trigger"


Dirty Projectors have a colorful new video out for their swaggering single "Gun Has No Trigger." In the press release, frontman David Longstreth said that they strived for the iconic aesthetic of the iPod commercials from the mid-2000s, and that influence certainly shows. The clip features Longstreth and the other Projectors (sans Angel Deradoorian) silhouetted against a colorful background that transforms as light begins to shine on the changing faces of the band members. Once they're in full view, it's funny to watch their facial expressions as they sing. To achieve the kind of noises that the singers make with their voices must require some serious vocal dexterity, and that definitely comes through in their strained, contorted faces.

"Gun Has No Trigger" was debuted back in April, and will appear on their new record Swing Lo Magellan, out July 10th on Domino.