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Drums of Death- "Waves City"

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London-based producer Colin Bailey, aka Drums of Death, will follow up his Red Waves and Black Waves EPs this year with a third record in the trilogy, the Blue Waves EP. Bailey's work is characterized by engaging melodies and delicate but intricate rhythms, and both of those qualities come through in full stride on "Waves City," a dynamic new track from the forthcoming record. This track bears a straight up '90s techno sound, complete with synth horns, a four-on-the-floor beat, and an earworm chopped piano line that will have you humming long after the track ends. Like most great dance music, this nearly 8-minute track feels like a breeze when listening at home, but I can imagine that it would seem to last a lifetime in a packed club.

The Blue Waves EP will be out July 2nd on 12" vinyl via Civil Music. Pre-order the vinyl and get a free digital download of the release immediately.