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Grizzly Bear- "Sleeping Ute" (Loved)

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I was hoping for a Grizzly Bear album this year, and it seems like I'm gonna get it. After a handful of solo projects since the release of the band's 2009 album, Veckatimest, the band is back with a new single titled "Sleeping Ute." I'm actually very impressed with it, and it's a surprise considering I wasn't as big on Veckatimest as I was the band's previous album, Yellow House.

To me, Veckatimest seemed to strip back the complexities I originally fell in love with in the band's music, favoring a more straightforward approach in how these guys write their beautifully layered songs.

"Sleeping Ute" brings the complications back I love in this band's music. Band member Chris Taylor's production is, once again, a slice of perfection, successfully balancing a number of sounds both electric and acoustic. A watery guitar, Christopher Bear's instinctive drumming, acoustic guitar, synths, and sax all come together into a display that feels somewhat symphonic at points. There are all sorts of hidden, sonic nuggets throughout the track, too. Replays are absolutely necessary here!

The structure of the track takes an interesting detour in its last third, venturing into beautiful interlude with Daniel Rossen's beautifully finger-picked guitar arpeggios. The track bows out shortly after this monologue-type break in the song with Daniel's vocal and guitar, and feels amazingly fresh and exciting despite the fact that Daniel just dropped a solo EP of stuff like this.

While Grizzly Bear hasn't presented anything stunningly new in terms of direction on this new song, the band continues to present beauty, detail, and refinement with some seriously captivating energy. Look for this new, yet-to-be-titled Grizzly Bear album to drop in September.