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H-SIK- "Gallerry" (Loved)

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Dropping July 2nd on Error Broadcast, here's a track we're premiering from the upcoming H-SIK EP, Cocody.

Originating from the Ivory Coast, French music producer H-SIK combines elements of African music and hip hop with the jittery and relentless rhythms of footwork. He executes this infusion with some pretty textured sounds to. Hand drums, acoustic guitar, sequenced drums, obese synths, are pitch-shifted vocal samples are all at work on the track "Gallerry." Actually, to be honest, there's just too many sounds to be named in this dang track. There's a point where a track becomes so densely layered, listening to it really makes one chew over what's happening. That's the beauty H-SIK brings to the table, reminding me a bit of Africa Hitech in his production style, but ultimately feels like a different approach.