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Haleek Maul- Oxyconteen

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Meet underground rapper Haleek Maul. He's got a new mixtape titled Oxyconteen. It's available for a free download from Merok Records.

A lot of experimental hip hop has come out in the past few years. It's funny to think of how different the underground rap scene in 2012 is from that of 2010. 2009 seems even further away. There are numerous sounds, styles, and flavors all in simultaneous competition thanks to the internet. One of the up-and-coming sounds at the moment is dark, tortured, moody, and depressive hip hop. With verses referencing suicidal thoughts, emotional downward spirals, and addiction, Haleek's music isn't exactly a sunny day in the park.

Give a listen to Oxyconteen via the widget above.