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Hop Along- Get Disowned

New Musicchriscap4 Comments

The Philadelphia-based trio Hop Along has a new record out titled Get Disowned on Hot Green Records, the label that fellow Pennsylvania punks Algernon Cadwallader founded. At 10 tracks, Get Disowned is their first full-length, and their most developed release yet. Get Disowned is a musically rich, instrumentally complicated record despite the band's power trio lineup, boasting unpredictable time signatures and song structures that consistently surprise. Twinkly guitar riffs blend with synths, power chords, and singer Frances Quinlan's evocative vocals for a disorienting and whimsical listen. Quinlan's gritty, wildly versatile voice is the real highlight here, along with her lyrics, which carefully balance silliness with more serious themes. With her unique knack for oddball melodies, this record is a fun trip that begs to be sung along with. Highlights include the second track "Tibetan Pop Stars," on which Quinlan gleefully admits, "I'm gonna be creeping on you so hard."

Download Get Disowned on bandcamp and pick up a physical copy from Hot Green Records.