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Hubble + Patrick Breiner- "Hubble Chase"

New MusicDannySpitsComment

As part of a compilation that independent record label SOUNGS has just released, Hubble, solo guitarist Ben Greenberg of Pygmy Shrews and Zs, and Patrick Breiner, a Connecticut resident who triples as a saxophonist, clarinetist, and composer, have teamed up for a mind-bending new collaboration. Titled "Hubble Chase," the song accompanies twelve other tracks on this release, which you can buy and/or stream in its entirety over at the SOUNGS Bandcamp.

Without warning, "Hubble Chase" begins with an onslaught of chaotic arpeggios which come courtesy of Breiner's saxophone and Greenberg's guitar. The former dominates the right channel, while the latter takes hold of the left, and the pair join together to create a wall of sound that somehow feels both harmonious and somewhat cacophonous. Structurally, "Hubble Chase" is deceptively simple. It makes no clear changes in direction throughout the four-and-a-half minute length it falls just short of spanning, yet it bears a certain amount of subtle change that gives it movement. The song's minimalistic nature and idiosyncratic saxophone wizardry makes Colin Stetson comparisons unavoidable, but I could go as far as to recommend it to anyone looking for something that is as experimental as it is exhilarating.