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Joey Bada$$- "Daily Routine"

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Above is a stream of a brand new Joey Bada$$ track. If you're unfamiliar with the up-and-coming New York rapper, scope this.

Anyway, this track is a part of a series courtesy of Yours Truly and Addidas titled Songs From Scratch, which typically follows the creation of a single song by whichever artist happens to be getting features.

In this installment of Songs From Scratch, Joey Bada$$ works with producer Chuck Strangers on a new track, and explain the creative process a bit in this video:

The song itself shoots for a classic, 90s-inspired hip hop sound, and gives away some bits of Joey's past: "Used to bed ma dues for lunch money, hunnies used to run from me when pockets was dust bunnies. Now what's funny?" It's got a solid, lyrical hook and an extremely relaxed vibe. I can dig it. Here's the cover art: