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Mati Zundel- "El Alto de la Paz" (feat. Boogat)

New MusicDannySpitsComment

From Argentinian dance producer Mati Zundel's recently released LP Amazonico Gravitante comes "El Alto de la Paz," a track that features the vocal talents of Canadian resident Boogat. The album hit the shelves on March 20 via ZZK Records, and can be snatched over at the label's website.

If you've been keeping an eye on the loved list lately, you may remember Ondatrópica's “Punkero Sonidero,” a track that blended elements of cumbia and electronic music into an exciting piece of dance music that tapped into both aged styles and fresh sounds. "El Alto de la Paz" succeeds in a similar fashion, pulling together a nice mixture of traditional drum sounds, buzzing synths, and an irresistibly danceable sensibility. Boogat leads the song effectively, using his versatility as a vocalist to alternate between rapping verses and singing anthemic choruses in Spanish. The song's inclusion of these different ideas gives it a cross-cultural appeal that could apply to music nerds and Latin American natives alike.