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Soul Khan- "Soulstice 4"

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As part of a run of tracks titled "Soulstice," East Coast rapper Soul Khan has been pairing his own verses with unconventional beat choices, which have ranged from a fusion of the first two tracks from downtempo artist Bonobo's 2010 LP Black Sands to a piece from pianist Rachel Grimes on the first and third installments, respectively. The fourth has just arrived, closing off the series with a chilling use of the theme from Mass Effect 3 as its instrumental. The potency of Soul Khan's genuine, reflective lyrics is amplified at the hand of spoken word samples from the movie Network that bookend the song. Clocking in at just under three minutes, the track makes its point concisely and effectively.

"Soulstice 4" is available to stream and download for free via the SoundCloud widget above.