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Starring- "The Best"

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Did you dig on that Guardian Alien snippet yesterday? I hope so, cuz if you did, then this new Starring track should fit into your musical diet pretty easily.

Starring is an experimental rock band that fearlessly pairs elements of psychedelia, jazz fusion, and prog together into a surprisingly well-executed and energetic performance on the song "the Best." The only thing that struck me as considerably "indie" or "modern" were the light, lethargic vocals that call out sleepily over all this chaotic instrumentation. There are some intense and noisy solos jumping in to say their piece throughout this track, too. Listen beyond the foundation of drums and bass to catch a sharp flute freakout, jittery organ solo, and a really climactic string buildup.

Starring's latest album is titled ABCDEFG-HIJKLMNOP-QURSTUV-WXYZ. No lie. It's out now on Northern Spy Records.