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The Alchemist- "Spudnik Webb" feat. Durag Dynasty, Blu, and Killa Kali

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Stream: The Alchemist- "Spudnik Webb" feat. Durag Dynasty, Blu and Killa Kali Seasoned hip hop producer The Alchemist is currently gearing up to release a record titled Russian Roulette on July 17 via Decon. We've already heard the Danny Brown and Schoolboy Q feature "Flight Confirmation," and now we have an album bonus track to chew on, a collaboration with Durag Dynasty, Blu, and Killa Kali named "Spudnik Webb." Stream it above by way of Decon's SoundCloud.

The Alchemist sets the track up with a beat characterized by the tried and true soul-sampling boom bap sound, allowing a smartly chosen vocal loop to take the lead. He changes things up around its two-minute mark, however, with a transition into a beat that is similar in its formula, but makes use of a lower-pitched vocal sample that lends the song a slightly grimmer mood. The MCs here bring their game as well, each sporting flows of which only experienced rappers are capable. It takes conscious effort to remember that something of such quality is only a bonus track.