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The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion- "Black Mold"

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In a year when newcomers like Ty Segall and The Men are making cutting, aggressive garage rock records, it can be easy to forget about the band who led that revivalist charge in the first place. As if acutely aware of the current garage rock trends, the legendary Jon Spencer Blues Explosion have returned with their first new material in eight years, spearheaded by a gritty new single called "Black Mold."

Like all the best Jon Spencer tracks, "Black Mold" has a timeless, familiar quality that also feels thoroughly unique. Spencer's distorted vocals are as engaging and emotive as ever, while the backing band provides some throbbing bluesy grooves and eerie reverb-laden backing vocals. Although this band is clearly tight and obviously experienced, this track maintains a feeling of uneasy steadiness, as if it could fall apart at any moment. Of course it doesn't, and by the time the disorienting sample kicks in at the end, the listener realizes what a cathartic ordeal he or she has just been through -- A blues explosion indeed.

Stream "Black Mold" above, and pick up the new record Meat And Bone from Mom + Pop on September 18th.