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Danny Brown & Araabmuzik- "Molly Ringwald"

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Two of 2011's most bombastic and divisive hip-hop artists, Danny Brown and Araabmuzik, have come together to produce a new track as part of Yours Truly's "Songs From Scratch" series. When you think about it, this is a collaboration that was bound to happen. Much like Araabmuzik's relentless MPC button mashing beats, Danny Brown's loudmouthed flow and intensely bizarre lyrics can be pretty annoying sometimes, but when you're in the mood, they just sound great. Together, the result highlights the strengths of both artists. "Molly Ringwald" is a violently fast, utterly unrelenting slice of hardcore hip-hop -- just under two and a half minutes of appropriately gross Danny Brown lyrics delivered with appropriately visceral flow on top of appropriately pummeling beats. There's nothing particularly memorable about this track in particular, but it's worth a few listens if only for the spectacle of hearing these two artists duke it out. Battle rap has been done for decades, but I've never heard a rapper sound like he's literally battling with his producer before this track.

Stream "Molly Ringwald" above and watch video footage of Danny Brown and Araabmuzik in the studio together, shot by Yours Truly, by clicking the link here.