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Drug Church- "Mohawk" (feat. Jeremy Bolm of Touche Amore)

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Stream: Drug Church- "Mohawk" (feat. Jeremy Bolm) Drug Church is a side project of Patrick Kindlon, frontman for the New York-based post-hardcore group Self Defense Family, formerly known as End of a Year. Kindlon's output with Self Defense has gotten increasingly more cerebral and arty since the name change, but the recently christened Drug Church seems to be a regression back to his punk rock roots. With chugging guitars and a classic two-step beat, the band's new track "Mohawk" is a straight up hardcore rager. Kindlon's tuneless vocals actually sound fairly focused here, as if imbued with an immediate, raw energy not displayed on the new Self Defense material.

"Mohawk" also features a brief but substantial guest vocal spot from Jeremy Bolm of Touché Amoré, whose airy yelp contrasts nicely with Kindlon's bark.

This track will appear on Drug Church's debut 7", which will be out July 9th on No Sleep Records. You can also check out another track from the 7", a similarly visceral cut called "Northway", over at Punknews.