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Frank Ocean- "Sweet Life"

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R&B singer and Odd Future member Frank Ocean is having a big month. Last week, admitting to having a sexual orientation other than hetero made Frank the subject of numerous articles around the blog-o-sphere, and while I'm skeptical of the placement of this announcement, it is pretty refreshing to finally have a growing acceptance of homosexuality in the hip hop community--or at least a semblance of it.

Context aside, this new track to drop from Ocean's forthcoming LP, Channel Orange, is pretty savory, taking cues from both hip hop and classic R&B stars like Stevie Wonder. Pharrell Williams even had his hands in the production on this one.

The lyrics sorta muse about living the good life from the perspective of someone with a more blue collar background, and Frank manages to display a lot of passion and sincerity for the tale he's telling. Those looking for some kind of subtle sexual reference can move along.

Look for Channel Orange on July 17th via Def Jam.