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Hopsin- "Ill Mind of Hopsin 5"

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My introduction to Louisiana rapper Hopsin was this video, which was pretty hyped at the time thanks to a few jabs at Tyler, the Creator. I was impressed with the flow, but thought the dude's style was a little too cartoony, gimmicky, and Eminem-inspired.

While I feel like Hopsin is still yet to completely develop his own style, this new track and video he's got out is headed in the right direction. I'd be willing to say it's the best song I've heard him drop so far.

"Ill Mind of Hopsin 5" is not only delivered with a fiery flow, but Hopsin's vocals are really impassioned and entertaining. Yeah, it's still cartoony, but his zaniness makes the stereotypes he attacks throughout the verses pretty hilarious--despite being depressing in reality.