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John Tejada- "The Function and the Form"

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Electronic music producer John Tejada gears up for another album release via Kompakt. The release date: September 10th. The title: The Predicting Machine.

The first track to drop from it is streaming above, and is a lushly produced piece of dance music. The beat's got a vintage flavor, and the various synth textures surrounding this thing are stellar. The loop that kicks in around :30 has some fantastic static on it, adding a lotta character. The bassline that kicks in at 1:20 is deep and resonant, which I'm loving a lot. The sparkling arpeggios that kick in before the track's interlude are a fantastic touch as well.

Overall, a solid piece of work. Hoping this album is a bit more upbeat than Tejada's last release, Parabolas, which is still incredibly well-produced and worth checking out.