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Killer Mike- "Untitled" (Yours Truly Session)

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Atlanta rapper Killer Mike recently recorded a live in studio session for Yours Truly for "Untitled," a highlight track from his new LP R.A.P. Music, one of the better hip-hop albums of the year. Watching Mike rap in this video is truly a sight to behold; his flow is at once seemingly effortless and yet so gooey and thick, almost like Biggie Smalls with a Southern accent. He starts out in the zone and remains thoroughly in it throughout "Untitled's" four-minute duration, hitting his stride particularly after the first chorus. Watching a smile creep up on his bearded face by the halfway mark is particularly telling -- you can tell that he knows he's  a badass rapper, and I'm definitely not going to argue with that.

Watch the Yours Truly clip above and pick up R.A.P. Music on Williams Street today.