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Martin Eden- "Worker"

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[audio:] Martin Eden is the new project of Matthew Cooper, the ambient music mastermind who has recorded as Eluvium since 2003. "Worker" is the first track to drop from the new project, and although it differs from Eluvium's work in significant ways, it still invokes that wonderfully lush ambient atmosphere that Cooper has honed so well. "Worker" is decidedly more beat-oriented than most of Cooper's past work, featuring some hollow, looped percussion as the song builds over swelling synth pads. Reverb-heavy guitar melodies come in towards the end, bringing the track to an understated crescendo that manages to procure an emotional response without overwhelming. Though instrumental, the whole product is not unlike something an artist like Youth Lagoon would produce. It's soothing, nostalgic, and yet it hints at an underlying sadness beneath its comforting musical sheen.

"Worker" will appear on a 7" record out September 18th on Lefse Records. Preorder that record HERE.