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Massacre- "Succumb to Rapture"

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Some absolutely Earth-shaking death metal coming from Massacre on this new "Succumb to Rapture" 7", which is set for a July 30th release via Century Media. Though this track is new, the band isn't. Massacre's place in the world of death metal isn't large, but their catalog does span back to the 90s, and their sound definitely reflects that. The band transitions from thrash riffs to down-tuned tremeolo picking like it was 1995, and they do it with a raw, brutal finesse that I'm admiring a lot.

From what I understand, the band is slated to put out an EP later this year as well, which will also feature the song streaming above. If the EP is as heavy as this track, it'll be a doosie. Yeah, I said "doosie"!