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METZ- "Headache"

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METZ is a new Canadian rock outfit, and they're making their full-length debut this October on Sub Pop records, which is a huge start for any up-and-comer. It's a big opportunity, and the band has the sound to match it. The first single from this forthcoming self-titled album hits hard. I mean h-a-r-d! It's, like, almost Drive Like Jehu's Yank Crime hard.

Post-punk, post-hardcore, and noise rock are certainly strong with this trio. Shots of guitar feedback and pure noise fill what little air surrounding the uncompromising riffs that are pounding through the first single from this new album, "Headache." I love the way the vocals kinda swirl into the mess of guitar and bass with a shot of bouncy reverb. Oh, and let's not forget the drums. Damn, they're loud! It's like a pistol going off every time a drum stick hits the snare drum.

The production is solid. From what I understand, Holy Fuck's Graham Walsh even had a hand in it. Again, this album is dropping in October, and you can scope the track list to this album below:

1. Headache 2. Get Off 3. Sad Pricks 4. Rats 5. Knife in the Water 6. Nausea 7. Wet Blanket 8. Wasted 9. The Mule 10. Negative Space 11. -- )) --