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Mission of Burma- "Second Television" & "Dust Devil"

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[audio:]"Dust Devil"

[audio:] "Second Television"

Post-punk icons Mission of Burma have a new album dropping this week titled Unsound. It's out today via Fire Records. If these two new tracks, "Second Television" and "Dust Devil," indicate anything, the band is definitely working to get back to their roots; following the path they set on 2009's the Sound the Speed the Light. Everything from the songwriting style to the way these songs have been recorded feels like old school burma. Even the energetic vocals of Clint Conley and Roger Miller have held up pretty well into old age.

While I'm not extremely stoked to hear a revisitation of sounds that I've already loved on classic records like Vs. and Signals, Calls, and Marches, it's still nice to see that MoB keep things going on the experimental rock front.