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Murder Construct- "Compelled by Mediocrity"

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With a new album coming out in August on Relapse Records, here's a track from the soon-to-make-waves deathgrind outfit Murder Construct. The band may be making a debut, but its members aren't. The group's lineup features musicians coming in from Exhumed, Impaled, and Cattle Decapitation, which are all pretty well-respected when it comes to sonic extremity.

Murder Construct itself creates the kind of intensity I expect from a band with this kind of background, and they seem to do it with ease. While combining the dark, guttural sounds of death metal with the relentlessness of grindcore isn't exactly brand new, Construct brings a wonderfully natural and crusty aesthetic to the table, which I imagine has a pile of rotting corpses sitting atop it or something.

Stream the song "Compelled by Mediocrity" above, and look for Murder Construct's debut LP, Results, on August 28th via Relapse.