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Parquet Courts- "Borrowed Time" (LOVED)

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Texas multi-instrumentalist and frontman Andrew Savage has a history of getting involved with musical projects that showcase both energy and snark. The now defunct Teenage Cool Kids had their share of satirical jabs, and the still active Fergus & Geronimo easily had some of the sharpest lyrics of 2011 when it came to topics like the music business, growing old, and rock 'n' roll.

Despite the album release last year, Savage isn't spending 2012 relaxing. In fact, he's doubling his output with two new albums. One coming from Fergus & Geronimo, and another from his latest project, Parquet Courts.

Parquet released a cassette tape that was criminally overlooked by numerous blogs--including mine--but this forthcoming and properly recorded album just screams for attention. The mix of influences is impressive. Savage pulls from some of the most personality driven bands in DIY. The Evaporators, the Modern Lovers, and the Dead Milkmen are a few of the most obvious. All these strange vibes and post-punk grooves are executed with a Guided By Voices-esque brevity that keeps the tracks here feeling fast and catchy.

The track "Borrowed Time" is one of the most exuberant on the album, and opens up with a set of celebratory guitar leads that are worth at least some really enthusiastic head bobs. Savage's deep-voiced vocals seem more animated than ever, and the dime-stopping refrains that interrupt the song are a fun little addition that make me laugh every time.

Yeah, there's a lotta quirk attached to this track, but don't interpret what's going on here as being too lighthearted and silly. Because there's more than enough guts displayed between the 15 tracks on this forthcoming album.

Speaking of that, the title of this album the above track comes from is Light Up Gold. Look for it via Dull Tools on August 18th.