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Passion Pit- "Constant Conversations"

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Stream: Passion Pit- "Constant Conversations" Passion Pit have been steadily dropping new tracks over the past few months in anticipation of their sophomore LP Gossamer. The latest is "Constant Conversations," a relaxing mid-tempo piece that seems to take a rather heavy influence from R&B. Michael Angelakos doesn't settle into a crooner role on this track so much as he takes a few pages from frontmen like David Longstreth of Dirty Projectors, taking center stage with his lofty falsetto and crafting the atmosphere around him with female backing harmonies and woozy synths. It's a far cry from anything on their breakthrough LP Manners, but this new direction does feel strangely appropriate for the Massachusetts band. Indie rock has flirted with R&B for long enough; it's about time that they consummated their relationship as openly as Passion Pit does on this track.

Gossamer is out July 24th on Columbia.