The Needle Drop

Shad- melancholy and the infinite shadness

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Canadian rapper Shad is as clever as he is entertaining to listen to. I guess you could say his wit is why he's interesting to listen to.

The dude dropped an album I wasn't too hot on a few years ago, but it was mostly because of the hooks and production, not his skills on the mic.

Shad now has a new, free EP of tracks out, and it's pretty much just him spittin' raw over some straightforward boom-y bap-y beats with some pretty strange samples and effects swirling around them. I actually prefer hearing the guy deliver his rhymes in this capacity. Most of the tracks are short, but Shad's sharp lyrics can leave a deep impression in a short amount of time--especially on the beautifully nostalgic and autobiographical "it ain't over."

Stream the EP via the widget above, or download it here. Hit Shad up on Twitter right here, and make sure to tell him what a nice job he did on this EP.