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The Mountain Goats- "Cry For Judas"

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Hooray! The Mountain Goats has dropped a new track from the longstanding singer-songwriter project's next album: Transcendental Youth. It's no secret that John Darnielle and co. have been incorporating more and more instrumentation into the Mountain Goats' sound, and they're really acting like it by releasing a song with romantic horn sections a-blazing atop some pretty catchy choruses.

Darnielle's lyrics, which are always the highlight of a Goats song, seem to bring a pretty positive and uplifting message, telling listeners to learn from mistakes, come to terms with failures, and accept faults--well, that's how I interpret it, anyway. I also get the sense that Darnielle is putting on a brave face and staring down hopelessness with all his might. Straightforward songs, complicated emotions. The Mountain Goats' formula strikes again.

Look for this new Mountain Goats LP on October 2nd via Merge Records.